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Where do we work?


PharmAccess offers complementary services in a wide range of disciplines covering the full spectrum of health service delivery. Within this range of disciplines PharmAccess has specialized in different areas, namely: 'Health Insurance Programs', 'Quality Programs', 'Finance Programs', 'Consultancy Programs', 'Mobile Health Programs' and 'HIV/AIDS Workplace Programs.'

Click on the country name below to see an overview of our programs implemented in that specific country, divided in the above mentioned areas, if applicable.

PharmAccess has implemented several programs that run in multiple countries. These programs are listed in the list below under 'Multiple Country Programs.'

PharmAccess has implemented several programs in other African Countries as well. These are listed below:
What's new
Tanzanian Ministry of Health releases new SafeCare guidelines nationwide
'The journey towards a more focused and coordinated quality improvement effort in health facilities has started.'
PharmAccess and AIGHD present at University of Amsterdam's opening ceremony
Progress through Partnership: the UvA and Africa
Diamond Bank Nigeria launches new medical loan product
MediLoan will help clinics to improve their quality