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Fields of expertise

PharmAccess’ integrated approach means that specific health care issues are assessed and addressed in the context of the broader health system they relate to. On the basis of this ‘bigger picture’ – and in consultation with clients, stakeholders, partners, donors and governments – tailored advice and technical instruments are developed and implemented.

PharmAccess offers complementary services in a broad range of disciplines covering the full spectrum of health service delivery. Within this broad range of disciplines PharmAccess has specialized in four specific areas.

The four program lines are:

Health Insurance

PharmAccess has gained a broad range of expertise and experience during the implementation of affordable health insurances to low- and middle-income populations in five countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Within these programs PharmAccess promotes the involvement and strengthens the capacity of the private sector and, in particular, of private insurance companies, third party administrators and private healthcare providers.  Based on this experience PharmAccess works together with partners, donors and governments in an effective and sustainable public-private partnerships to build an enabling environment and to provide innovative and effective financing mechanisms.

Health Financing

PharmAccess aims to build a sustainable health infrastructure and system to deliver quality health care for Africans. In this approach sustainability can be seen as the ability of the system to mobilize and allocate sufficient resources and efficiently deliver quality health which contributes to improved health outcomes over a long period of time. PharmAccess’ expertise focuses on the mobilization and effective use of resources (e.g. member contribution, local sources, donor funding and (private) investment and loans), improvement in efficiency and reduction of costs and enhancement in effectiveness, and at the same time avoiding crowding out of existing resources.

Quality Improvement 

PharmAccess has over ten years of experience in improving the quality of health providers in resource-restricted countries. It has developed and implemented a comprehensive results-based monitoring and evaluation system that has been formalized with the establishment of SafeCare as an independent monitoring and evaluation body. SafeCare has been established in 2011 by PharmAccess, JCI and COHSASA to support basic healthcare providers in resource-restricted settings to go through step-wise structured improvement programs. It has introduced standards that enable healthcare facilities in resource-restricted settings to measure and improve the quality, safety and efficiency of their services. Furthermore, SafeCare helps build the capacity within existing (national) programs to implement measure and recognize healthcare quality improvement through independent certification.

PharmAccess Consultancy

PharmAccess Consultancy provides advisory services in a wide range of corporate programs and health PPPs – ranging from health infrastructure projects to healthcare programs for and with Multinational Corporations, and health financing programs. Close collaboration with specialized partners within the PharmAccess Group (SafeCare, HIF, MCF, IFHA, AIGHD) enables PharmAccess Consultancy to combine innovative conceptual ideas on health in resource poor settings with an operational understanding and focus on health service delivery in different contexts and for different beneficiaries.



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