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Estimated population (x 1.000)
 Life expectancy at birth
 HIV/AIDS Estimates 2007
    Number of people living with HIV      
    Adults (15 – 49) HIV prevalence rate (%)
    Antiretroviral therapy coverage (%)


 Source: WHO Epidemiological fact sheet on HIV and AIDS Namibia 2008 

PharmAccess Projects

Orange Babies Namibia
In 2008 Orange Babies and PharmAccess initiated three programs focused on vulnerable children:

Evaluation Health Care Insurance Intervention PharmAccess Namibia
PharmAccess contributes to a comprehensive research program that measures the impact of introducing affordable health care insurance options for Namibians, as currently established in PharmAccess’ Project Okambilimbili. The study will take 3 years and is jointly carried out by a team of research institutions in Namibia and The Netherlands.      >>read more>>

Completed programs

Project Okambilimbili Namibia
In February 2004 PharmAccess received a major grant from STOP AIDS NOW!/Dutch Aids Fonds to facilitate access to basic health care and HIV/AIDS treatment for more people in Namibia. The project aims to establish a network of public/private partnerships and introduces the concept of risk equalization and solidarity.
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Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands HIV/AIDS
Workplace Program
In November 2003 PharmAccess signed an agreement with the Netherlands Ministy of Foreign Affairs to implement an HIV/AIDS workplace policy in the Royal Netherlands Embassies of the 18 African countries hardest hit by HIV/AIDS, including Namibia. The policy consists of an Awareness and Prevention Program and a Treatment Program.  >>read more>>

Orange Babies Namibia (pilot)
Orange Babies Netherlands granted PharmAccess to start a program in Windhoek (Namibia) to contribute to the prevention of HIV transmission from mothers to their new born children.
The project ran between June 2006 and November 2007.
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