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Research Briefs                                            


 Healthcare infrastructure

Lessons learned from enhanced community-based care
The introduction of nurse-led health posts increases utilization of primary healthcare services in Nigeria










Technology for performance enhancement
Tools for better pharmacy management




Health financing

Spotlight on Kenya
Results and lessons learned from the Medical Credit Fund







Data management
Improving the timely payment of claims to healthcare providers

Improving maternal care through a state-wide health insurance program:
a cost and cost-effectiveness study in rural Nigeria






 Healthcare quality


 Reducing misdiagnosis of malaria in Tanzania through regular training of lab staff

Provider and Payer Perspectives
Engaging stakeholders to improve the quality of hypertension care



Healthcare research




Patient Perspectives
What inhibits and supports adherence to hypertension treatment among insured patients in rural Nigeria





 M-Chama: A communally-funded mobile health wallet
Empowering community groups in urban Kenya to save and pay for healthcare
through innovative mobile health solutions






MTiba: a donor-funded mobile health wallet in Kenya
How mobile health technology is transforming access to and utilization of quality healthcare in Kenya

What's new
PharmAccess partners with PurpleSource Healthcare in Nigeria
Working to improve quality in an integrated healthcare network
PSP4H and PharmAccess present research on health savings behaviors in chamas
Understanding perceptions, needs, concerns, drivers and barriers towards the use of a mobile health wallet
PharmAccess to advise Tanzania's Social Security Regulatory Authority
Technical assistance will be geared towards improving access to health insurance