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Announcing the Joep Lange Institute and the Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Program
Former US President Clinton endorses Joep Lange Institute
First Kwara Research & Results conference concluded successfully

Welcome to PharmAccess

The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to affordable access to quality health care in Africa, by stimulating investments through partnerships with the private sector and government institutions.  This group of non-profit organizations has a shared goal, working towards achieving inclusive health care for Africa. In doing so, we contribute to healthier populations and social and economic development.

Our integrated approach consists of complementary initiatives that aim to increase investments and resources, efficiency and effectiveness within the healthcare system. By combining standards for quality improvement, loans for healthcare providers, health plans and in-depth impact research we simultaneously stimulate the demand for and supply of healthcare services. The expertise within the PharmAccess Group includes health plans, healthcare quality, healthcare financing and healthcare infrastructure. Our work also includes consultancy and HIV/AIDS corporate programs as well as mobile health (mHealth) applications.


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Remembering Joep and Jacqueline  

On Tuesday 14 October, 850 family members, friends, colleagues, prominent scientists and dignitaries from all over the world gathered in Amsterdam to pay tribute to the lives of Joep Lange and Jacqueline van Tongeren.

For an impression of the day please view the video compilation below, and to read more please visit the following website.


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 PharmAccess and the Dutch Postcode Lottery

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Announcing the Joep Lange Institute and the Joep Lange Chair
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