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Kwara State Health Insurance program wins FT/IFC Transformational Business Award for Maternal & Infant Health
Joep Lange Institute launched on 15 March 2016
Dutch Postcode Lottery invests 10 million euro in revolutionary innovation of Kenya healthcare

Joep Lange Institute

On 15 March 2016, about 400 scientists, business leaders, politicians and activists from four continents gathered in Amsterdam for the inaugural event of the Joep Lange Institute. This Institute builds on the life and legacy of our founder Prof. Dr. Joep Lange.

In one of his last publications, Joep wrote 'To those who regularly visit Sub-Saharan Africa, the pace of change is indeed astonishing, and there are many reasons to be optimistic about the region. We should, however, also realize that very little has changed for the poor in rural settings, and that the lives of those who left for urban slums are extremely difficult. To include these groups in the 'great escape' from poverty is the big challenge ahead.'

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Selected News

Dutch Postcode Lottery invests 10 million euro in revolutionary innovation of Kenya healthcare

Safaricom, CarePay and PharmAccess launch transformative partnership to promote healthcare inclusion in Kenya

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs extends support for Health Insurance Fund

Former US President Clinton endorses Joep Lange Institute

SafeCare in practice - A healthcare provider's perspective


Welcome to PharmAccess

The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to affordable access to quality health care in Africa, by stimulating investments through partnerships with the private sector and government institutions.  This group of non-profit organizations has a shared goal, working towards achieving inclusive health care for Africa. In doing so, we contribute to healthier populations and social and economic development.

Our integrated approach consists of complementary initiatives that aim to increase investments and resources, efficiency and effectiveness within the healthcare system. By combining standards for quality improvement, loans for healthcare providers, health plans and in-depth impact research we simultaneously stimulate the demand for and supply of healthcare services. The expertise within the PharmAccess Group includes health plans, healthcare quality, healthcare financing and healthcare infrastructure. Our work also includes consultancy and HIV/AIDS corporate programs as well as mobile health (mHealth) applications.


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 PharmAccess and the Dutch Postcode Lottery

What's new
PharmAccess participates at 48th Annual Christian Health Association of Ghana Conference
PharmAccess presents on healthcare delivery chains
PharmAccess participates at European Development Days 2016
Theme:Mobile technology and democratising healthcare in Africa
Ogun State adopts and adapts Safecare Standards
Ogun is the first state in Nigeria to adopt the internationally recognized standards