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Health insurance

Developing organized demand for healthcare

Developing organized demand for healthcare

Reducing out-of-pocket expenditure through insurance or other forms of pre-payment offers financial protection and peace of mind to people in case they fall ill. At the same time, predictable income, for example from health insurance, helps healthcare providers to run their business effectively.

With African partners such as governments, mobile network and money operators, insurers and insurance distributors, we design and develop private and public-private health insurance schemes for lower-income groups. By providing risk sharing mechanisms, we reduce financial risks for local partners in order to kick-start sustainable market development and growth. We build on existing institutions and stimulate not only the demand side of the market through insurance, but also the supply side of the market.. Quality improvement of healthcare providers, for example, is a central aspect within all our health insurance schemes.


Our PPP models in Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya are increasingly being recognized and adopted by local go vernments and partners.

We constantly evaluate the results and performance of our health insurance schemes. Operational research on our programs helps us adapt them to increase their impact, so that more people gain access to quality healthcare. Impact evaluations of our health plans show an increase of healthcare utilization, improved health outcomes and better financial protection in target communities.

Our mHealth activities build on existing social solidarity mechanisms to offer new easy to access forms of pre-payment and risk sharing for healthcare. High mobile phone penetration in many African countries opens up possibilities for targeting specific population groups through segmentation based on mobile phone and money usage, location and demographic information. Lower transaction costs, increased transparency and shortened cash cycles in turn make the businesses of healthcare providers more resilient and enable them to improve the quality of care.


Latest news about Health insurance

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During this year's Loeries Awards in Durban, South Africa, M-TIBA was awarded with a Loerie in the Shared Value category.
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Aug 24, 2017 news
JLI debate on Data, Health and Care

Can ‘big data’ be used to create a better world? Moreover, is it ethical to choose privacy over quality when we decide not to use data for social innovation? Read more

Sep 12, 2017 video
LinkedIn blog by Onno Schellekens on 'The Great Escape'

It's been three years since the founder of our organization was shot out of the sky with 297 other innocent people in the MH17 disaster. Joep Lange’s controversial thinking – and actions – changed the world. Just as Joep helped push the world to action in the early days of HIV/AIDS, we are on a similar threshold today. Digital technology can empower people who until now have remained excluded from the system. So why isn’t it happening yet? Read more

Jul 18, 2017 in-the-media
Watch Dan Ariely's talk on social innovations for health

Joep Lange Institute hosts sold-out event in de Balie in Amsterdam on social innovations for healthcare in Africa. Ariely: “Most of the digital technology is helping people to spend more rather than think better and save more.” Read more

Jun 29, 2017 news
Joep Lange Institute hosts evening with Dan Ariely at De Balie

We all know that companies like Facebook and Google analyze our behavior to sell ads. Why can’t we use this approach and develop social innovations to help people live healthier lives? Read more

Jun 21, 2017 news

Side By Side. The story of Ismail and Amina

While Nigeria constitutes 2% of the world’s population, it accounts for up to 14% of global maternal deaths. More than 12% of children born in Nigeria don’t live to celebrate their fifth birthday. Health insurance still has very low penetration, leading to catastrophic health expenditure and overall poor quality of services. In Kwara State there is a program that addresses this challenge. It brings affordable, quality health care to the rural population: The Kwara State Health Insurance program. This film tells the story of Ismail and Amina, showing us what choices the family faces and the positive impact the program has on this family as well as the community.

Insurance briefs

The PharmAccess Research briefs provide an overview, insights and background on several projects, or subject areas usually dealt with in long form researches conducted by PharmAccess and our partners.

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Financial & Health Diaries

The Financial & Health Diaries project documents how 240 low-income families in rural Nigeria and Kenya manage money & health issues. This Diaries project was conducted by the Amsterdam Institute for International Development and PharmAccess with the support of VU University, Tinbergen, IFPRI and A4NH.

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