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Health investments

Mobilizing capital into the private health sector

Mobilizing capital into the private health sector

Many small and medium-sized clinics in sub-Saharan Africa struggle to find the money to purchase modern equipment, expand their facilities or even pay for basic repairs. Medical Credit Fund provides performance-based financing in combination with capacity building through SafeCare, trainings and other support services (link to quality improvement page). Through Medical Credit Fund we help healthcare providers  build a financial track record and become bankable, grow their business acumen and improve the quality of their healthcare services.

We combine access to loans for private healthcare providers with a performance-based system for improving business performance and quality. Our approach hinges on very close cooperation with and between healthcare providers with technical assistance partners to  support healthcare providers in writing business plans and building up a credit history, and with partner banks. Next to sharing repayment risk with local banks for the loans provided to health SMEs we train bank staff in the opportunities and specific risk profile of the health SME sector.

Ultimately, we aim to contribute to a financially sound healthcare system in Africa by building a strong private sector that complements the public system and provides improved quality services for all.

Medical Credit Fund’s hybrid investment fund has a unique ‘layered capital’ structure that blends debt financing for the loan program with grants for technical advisory services and first loss. In the event that clinics are unable to pay back their loans, the first loss grants absorb this setback, thereby lowering the risk for the debt investors. By using philanthropic capital to leverage funding from private and public sources, we have been able to increase our developmental impact significantly. The growing role of the mobile phone in day-to-day financial services like sending mobile money or paying electricity bills or school fees also opens up new opportunities for innovative financing products. Mobile payment mechanisms that make risks transparent will allow us to expand and increase loan disbursements parallel to the more traditional banking channel. In partnership with CarePay, we have developed a mobile cash advance product: a short-term loan that will benefit from the low transaction costs. Such innovations tend to benefit especially the smaller healthcare facilities with the most difficulty accessing capital.

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Latest news about Health investments

New financing round brings Medical Credit Fund to more than USD 40m – catalyzing access to capital for health SMEs in Africa

Today, Medical Credit Fund announced the closing of a new financing round from both public and private sources to further expand its portfolio. Read more

Jun 12, 2017 pressrelease
NextBillion publishes blog on Medical Credit Fund and M-TIBA

NextBillion, which chronicles new trends in market solutions to poverty, published a blog by Prashant Yadav titled 'Two-Sided Mobile Platform Creates Network Effect to Help Patients, Health Clinics.' Read more

May 04, 2017 in-the-media
Medical Credit Fund hosts session on innovative healthcare financing at AFIF 2017

PharmAccess and Medical Credit Fund joined forces with BlueCloud Healthcare to organize the only healthcare-focused plenary session at this year’s Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) in Nairobi. Read more

Feb 20, 2017 news

“Before joining the program, the bank lacked the technical know how to provide loans for private healthcare practitioners.

Medical Credit Fund has opened up these avenues by bringing in bankable loan proposals and by setting up risk and fund sharing agreements. We then perform due diligence according to our own lending mechanisms. Upon disbursement, we monitor the loan to ensure timely repayment and provide training’s on relevant financial topics such as account operations and proposal writing.”

– Esther Daudi Business Development Officer Special Projects K-REP bank, Nairobi

Medical Credit Fund in Tanzania

Clinics and dispensaries, which are valuable first and sometimes only points of health care access for many people, are often not able to improve their services because small loans are not easily accessible. As doctor John Rukazibwa, owner of Mission Mbagala Dispensary in Dar es Salam explains. “It has been difficult for us to obtain a loan because we don’t have collateral.”  We provides business training and advice as well as sustainable methods on how to improve their image and services so that financial service providers see the value in with providing them with loans.

Investments briefs

The Investments briefs provide an overview, insights and background on several projects, or subject areas usually dealt with in long form researches conducted by PharmAccess and our partners.

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Medical Credit Fund Progress Reports

Here you can find the Medical Credit Fund progress reports

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