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It all starts with improving healthcare quality

Working step-by-step towards better clinical- and business performance

Healthcare providers in sub-Saharan Africa are often small/medium scale hospitals and clinics managed by doctors and nurses. They face huge challenges in accessing funding, obtaining professional medical equipment and gaining sufficient skills and knowledge to serve the needs of their patients. PharmAccess works together with these providers to improve their delivery of healthcare by simultaneously strengthening their clinical knowledge and skills as well as their business performance.

In collaboration with training institutes, NGOs and social franchise organizations we develop an array of complementing tools and support services. We provide situational analysis and business assessments, offer specialized consultancy, assist with database management, and deliver quality and business trainings that vary in level of intensity. The combination of clinical and business focus helps providers to become eligible for loans provided by local banks and facilitated by Medical Credit Fund. Money that these providers can use to invest in (further) improvements of their services.

We utilize the opportunities of mobile technology (mHealth) to strengthen and accelerate our tools and services. In addition, the digitalization of data and financial flows allows us to reach and support a growing group of healthcare providers seeking to improve their care and business. This benefits patients and improves the attractiveness for investors, donor organizations and governments to work with and invest in these providers.

As a basis for the improvement journey we apply the internationally recognized quality standards of SafeCare. SafeCare, founded by PharmAccess in collaboration with Joint Commission International and Cohsasa has developed standards for resource poor settings that are officially accredited by ISQua. The SafeCare assessments provide detailed insights in the gaps and risks of a provider in terms of patient safety, clinical quality and business soundness. The result of the assessments is a tailored quality improvement plan. This plan contains the first steps to work towards a higher level of performance. After the implementation of a first quality improvement plan a follow-up assessment provides the basis for a next cycle of quality improvements guiding the provider in a structured way to better healthcare delivery. Example elements of such improvements are: the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), applying a hand washing policy, and the formation of a quality improvement team.

Latest news about Quality

Ogun State adopts and adapts Safecare Standards

On 30th March 2016, PharmAccess supported the Ogun State government to set up a state wide Quality Assurance Unit, an important breakthrough for the African Health Markets for Equity (AHME) project. Read more

Jun 15, 2016 news
May 12, 2016 news
World Immunization Week

WHO highlights recent gains in immunization coverage, steps countries can take to close the immunization gap & meet 2020 global vaccination targets. Read more

Apr 28, 2016 news

“mini-MBA” Managing Healthcare Business in partnership with Strathmore Business School

Strathmore Business School and PharmAccess joined forces to provide high quality business courses to healthcare managers. Where doctors and nurses are generally very passionate and knowledgeable about the medical services they provide, they often lack business acumen and solid insights into their financials. A public private partnership including Strathmore business school, Medical Credit Fund, PharmAccess, AMPC international Health consultants and the Ministry of Health supported by a grant of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has therefore developed a service offering to strengthen the business case of health SMEs and county hospital administrators. The executive courses are developed to enhance the business management and leadership skills of healthcare managers. Using real life cases the courses are hands-on and followed up by one on one coaching sessions.

Testimonial: St. Patricks Health Care Centre

For Co-owner of St. Patrick Ann Maina, SafeCare was an eye-opener. It helped her establish the gaps at St. Patrick and set in motion clear interventions to improve her facility’s quality of care. Ann explains: “We were not running the facility in the right way. We had no administration office, no systems. We used to work from our pockets, writing on patient cards and counting the shillings at the end of the day. SafeCare helped us to establish our gaps and set in motion interventions to improve ourselves. Now, our record keeping is accurate, we have audited accounts and a digital client history that can be accessed at any time. The system has also helped minimize fraud and track the expiration dates of drugs in our pharmacy. SafeCare makes you feel like a professional.”

Quality briefs

The Quality briefs provide an overview, insights and background on several projects, or subject areas usually dealt with in long form researches conducted by PharmAccess and our partners.

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