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Quality standards

SafeCare basic healthcare standards

SafeCare: internationally accredited healthcare standards

Sub-Saharan Africa has a shortage of institutions and standards to ensure objective and comparable measurement of healthcare quality. SafeCare basic healthcare standards was founded to fill this gap. The internationally accredited standards make it possible to measure, rate and benchmark the level of quality, safety and risk at healthcare providers.

SafeCare comprises a unique set of ISQua accredited healthcare standards, specifically created for healthcare providers in developing countries. SafeCare has defined 13 service elements in healthcare delivery. Each service element contains a number of criteria that are assessed in order to ascertain the level of compliance with the standards. The service elements vary from laboratory services, medication management to human resource management and management of information. The complete list of service elements can be found here.

The International healthcare standards offer an array of benefits for providers, payers and patients alike. The standards:

  • generate accurate data for patients which they can use for informed decision making for their health seeking behavior
  • provide objective benchmarking information for healthcare providers about their performance and priorities for improvement
  • give investors and financial institutes reliable data about the risks of their investment and structured inputs for their investment plans
  • support governments to introduce effective and transparent policy and regulatory frameworks through licensing, certification, and accreditation mechanisms

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Jun 21, 2017 news

Ogun State Nigeria adopts and adapts SafeCare standards

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health Dr. Aigoro commended the PharmAccess team for initiating the SafeCare standardization process which has transited to a centralized Quality Assurance Team. He said, ”PharmAccess’s support has greatly impacted the state and quality improvement using the SafeCare methodology is seen as a must-have for the state.” Ndili added that, ”The adoption of the SafeCare standards by Ogun State is an achievement for PharmAccess as it is the first state in Nigeria to adopt the internationally recognized and ISQua accredited SafeCare Standards.”

SafeCare Progress Reports

Here you can find the SafeCare progress reports.

Progress Report 2013
View report
Progress Report 2014
View report

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