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Advisory Services

Assessment, report, support.

Supporting the growth of quality healthcare in Africa

With over 15 years’ experience simultaneously working to improve both the demand and supply side of healthcare in Africa we are uniquely positioned to offer advisory services to support the movement towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The PharmAccess Group addresses market inefficiencies through an integrated approach. This includes introducing mHealth applications, improving quality of care through clinical and business standards, providing access to loans for healthcare providers, facilitating access to health insurance and other health financing options, and conducting impact research for evidence-based innovation.

What do we offer?
By first assessing your needs we can offer advisory services to support you to:

  • Increase and gain access to funding: co-funding or partial underwriting of loans for the private healthcare sector up to 2.5m USD loans, providing expertise for banks to appraise health SME-loans, mobile applications to channel peer-to-peer remittances from outside Africa to healthcare in Africa at low transaction costs.
  • Implement mHealth solutions: mobile platforms for health insurance delivery, mobile health wallets, mobile provider management applications, automated mobile means-testing for health, mobile diagnostics, mobile dashboards for health
  • Technical advisory services: quality standards/accreditation assistance,  licensing of internationally accredited SafeCare quality standards,  health insurance costing, health insurance design, implementation advice and impact studies.

Who can benefit from our advisory services? 

We have extensive experience working with both the public and private sector in Africa and would be interested in working with; governments (including local and regional authorities), national insurers, private insurers, employers, banks, or professional associations in health.

How does it work? 

  1. Get in touch with the Director of Advisory Services, Ewout Irrgang
  2. You are provided with an initial assessment and proposal including possible costs
  3. Followed by, a report with recommendations for solutions
  4. (Optional) Further support during roll-out

Where we work

We currently work in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania and have supported projects in various countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our approach, though, knows little boundaries. We are used to pioneering innovations that explore new directions and provide real world solutions, and welcome the opportunity to work in new countries in Sub-Saharan Africa or further afield.

Interested in learning more?

Get in touch with our Director of Advisory Services, Ewout Irrgang.

A history of successful projects

Over the years, we have worked across the continent in varied public and private partnerships including:

Working with the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank Group to identify poor households who are eligible for a premium waiver in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Using a mobile phone-based proxy means testing tool, almost 110,000 households were screened, with over 25,000 households qualifying for a waiver.

PharmAccess provides technical assistance to the Health in Africa Initiative (IFC/Worldbank) to support three Nigerian States (Kwara, Ogun and Lagos) with the set-up of State Health Insurance schemes.

Interested in working with us or learning more about our Advisory Services?

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