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Africa is at a crossroads.


Mobile technology is disrupting every layer of society at an unprecedented pace. “The biggest social equalizer now in this part of the world, I believe is a cell phone,” explains Dr. Khama Rogo, Head of Health in Africa Initiative, IFC/World Bank Group in the documentary titled The Great Escape. The documentary was made for the Joep Lange Institute.

Our activities

Health investments
Health investments

Mobilizing capital into the private health sector

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Quality standards
Quality standards

SafeCare basic healthcare standards

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Mobile health
Mobile health

Digital technology as an accelerator

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Health insurance
Health insurance

Developing organized demand for healthcare

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Our results

Access to healthcare is one of the biggest challenges in Kenya. Mobile health platform M-TIBA provides access to better healthcare for Kenyans by connecting people to clinics and healthcare funders through a mobile health wallet. M-TIBA enables people to receive funds, to save, and pay for medical treatment at clinics, directly trough their mobile phone.

Change the life of a Kenyan family today

The digital revolution makes it possible to reach people directly. PharmAccess has initiated the HealthConnect Foundation and launched an innovative platform that allows peer-to-peer funding, with the aim of supporting access to basic healthcare. This pilot connects people in the Netherlands with 2000 families in Nairobi. Join the campaign!

Latest news and facts

PharmAccess participates in IHI’s Africa Forum on healthcare quality and safety

This year PharmAccess spoke during the first healthcare conference hosted by IHI in Africa. The event focused on healthcare quality and safety and was held in Durban, South Africa. This event featured presenters from throughout Africa and across the globe and addressed the unique challenges of healthcare communities living and working in Africa. Read more

Mar 02, 2018 news
Medical Credit Fund selected for ImpactAssets 50 2017

For the fourth time, Medical Credit Fund has been selected for the ImpactAssets 50 (IA 50), an online database that connects investors to fund managers that deliver social, environmental and financial returns. Read more

Feb 28, 2018 in-the-media
''When you join M-TIBA, you are safe from rainy days."

Through connectivity, mobile operators are transforming lives. The Independent highlights M-TIBA and writes about how mobile technology revolutionizes the lives of Grace, Irene and many more living in Kenya. Read more

Feb 27, 2018 in-the-media
Dutch Postcode Lottery boosts PharmAccess approach through continued support

During the annual Goed Geld Gala in Amsterdam's Carré theater, the Dutch Postcode Lottery donated a record amount of 357.5 million euro to 112 organizations working to change the world. For the sixth year in a row, PharmAccess was among them. Read more

Feb 16, 2018 news
New PhD research on Pioneering Public Private Partnerships in the Health sector in Namibia

On Tuesday 19th of December, Ingrid de Beer defended her PhD thesis ‘Engaging the private sector in public health challenges in Namibia’ at the Agnietenkapel in Amsterdam. The studies included were a result of operational and original research conducted on PharmAccess Foundation Namibia programs over a period of 12 years. Read more

Jan 18, 2018 news

About the PharmAccess Group

The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to improving access to better healthcare in Africa. It mobilizes public and private resources for the benefit of doctors and patients through clinical standards and quality improvements, loans for healthcare providers, health insurance, mHealth innovations and operational research.

Health Insurance Fund, a fund for innovative and inclusive quality healthcare for Africa, supports the activities of the PharmAccess Group. Medical Credit Fund facilitates loans and technical assistance for private healthcare SMEs. SafeCare benchmarks quality levels and helps healthcare providers to improve their services. This integrated approach was initiated and is implemented by the PharmAccess Foundation. Together, these organizations form the PharmAccess Group.