Poorer households bear the greatest burden of catastrophic health expenditures and low-quality healthcare. 


PharmAccess believes it can be done differently. 

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Women360 grows in Ghana
The newest franchisee of the Ghanaian Woman360 network, Nyarkoa Clinic, has opened its doors in Accra. The franchise model launched, in 2017, to establish a consistent, high quality antenatal and delivery service in Ghana has now grown to 3 franchisees.Read more
26 August 2020 News
What is the impact of improved access to finance for healthcare facilities in Kenya?
July 2020 – CDC publishes research insight into impact of the Medical Credit Fund (MCF). As a long time investor of MCF, CDC set out to examine the impact of MCF’s credit financing on business and clinical outcomes at healthcare facilities in Kenya with an MCF loan.Read more
18 August 2020 News
What keeps pregnant women from attending care?
What keeps pregnant women from attending care? What are the reasons for their late enrolment in antenatal care? Which factors would increase skilled birth attendance?Read more
17 August 2020 Publication