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PharmAccess believes in doing healthcare better.


With a focus on sub-Saharan Africa, we work on improving the whole system so that everyone has access to care when they need it, not just when they can afford it.

Find out what this means in practice by watching our short animation.

Our activities

Health investments
Health investments

Mobilizing capital into the private sector

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Quality standards
Quality standards

SafeCare basic healthcare standards

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Mobile health
Mobile health

The future of access to healthcare is mobile

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Health insurance
Health insurance

Developing organized demand for healthcare

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Connecting people to affordable healthcare

At PharmAccess, our vision is a world where everybody is connected to affordable healthcare through mobile technology. Mobile technology has disrupted virtually every industry. It has created transparent business models that drastically cut transaction costs while putting the end user at the center.

Crucially, a person with a mobile phone is a person with a voice. With a simple piece of technology in their hands, those who were typically excluded can participate in the types of services and exchanges that many of us take for granted. This is why PharmAccess believes that new digital platforms like M-TIBA hold the key to democratizing healthcare.

See how M-TIBA is growing in Kenya.

Latest news and facts

Foundation stone laid for new MCF financed maternity wing and outpatient center

As part the ongoing work of PharmAccess Group with its Kenyan partners, yesterday the foundation stone was laid for a new maternity wing and outpatient center at Siloam Hospital – one of the leading healthcare facilities in Kericho County. Read more

Sep 20, 2018 news
Cash Advance energizing mobile lending in Kenyan health sector

A new product from Medical Credit Fund (MCF) is expanding mobile lending into the Kenyan health sector. Cash Advance is a short-term loan facility that uses the digital revenues of healthcare providers to secure and repay loans. In a sector where it can be difficult for smaller health providers to secure a regular bank loan, Cash Advance provides a digital financing solution that specifically targets small to medium sized health facilities. Read more

Aug 14, 2018 news
Massive UHC Registration Drive to get underway in Kisumu County Kenya

Kisumu County Government announced on Thursday August 9th that it's preparing a massive registration drive to roll out universal health coverage (UHC) for all its residents. To help reach this important and ambitious aim PharmAccess has been asked to assist the country’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to achieve UHC by 2022. Read more

Aug 10, 2018 news
Thoughts on UHC: Amplifying Healthcare Financing and Quality

At an event organised in Nairobi by PharmAccess Foundation and Strathmore Business School on July 20th, healthcare professionals, business and finance leaders came together to engage in a lively informal discussion and share perspectives on the opportunities and challenges on the road to Universal Health Coverage. Read more

Aug 02, 2018 blog
PharmAccess at International Aids Conference 2018

The International AIDS conference 2018 marked a significant anniversary for PharmAccess. Four years ago, our founder Joep Lange, was on route to the Aids 2014 conference in Australia when his Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down. This year, we remembered our founder and made contributions to the conference that were based on his legacy of scientific research, pragmatism and action. Read more

Jul 30, 2018 news

About PharmAccess

PharmAccess believes in doing healthcare better. With a focus on sub-Saharan Africa, we work on improving the whole system. This means mobilizing private and public resources to get more money into the system, measuring and improving quality, and reaching even the most excluded through simple technologies like the mobile phone.

This approach to healthcare is designed to ensure that everyone has access to better care when they need it, not just when they can afford it.