In 2023 we launched a new visual identity for PharmAccess, Medical Credit Fund, and SafeCare. In this Progress report, you will find the newly updated logos for the three entities and a new overarching visual identity. Check also here to find the introduction video of our new visual identity.

Our overarching visual identity focuses on creating a movement through a “coalition of the willing” and is rooted in our approach to using digital solutions to make quality healthcare more accessible. The + signs, which represent both data points and people, form an increasingly cohesive unit within the grid. By coming together, they become stronger and more solid. Additionally, the + symbol pays homage to the internationally recognized symbol for healthcare worldwide.

At PharmAccess we believe the impossible is possible when you care.


Delivering healthcare solutions that connect patients and professionals,
and leave no one behind.

Latest News & Publications

Just published: our Progress Report for 2022
Dive in to find our results, insights, and valuable learnings on making inclusive health markets work.Read more
20 July 2023 Publication
MomCare joins World Economic Forum’s Global Innovation Hub as an early adopter of value-based healthcare
PharmAccess’ maternal health model MomCare has been recognized as a Global Innovation Hub by the Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare at the World Economic Forum. This platform highlights organizations showing best practices, qualifying as ‘mature early adopters’ of value-based care models.Read more
1 March 2023 News
Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, with support from M-Tiba and Pharmaccess launch ‘Tunza Mama’ to help Mothers access pregnancy care
Maternal care in East Africa remains weak compared to global standards. Out-of-pocket health payments are a major barrier to accessing healthcare, especially for those with lower incomes. Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital in partnership with digital platform M-TIBA and health organization PharmAccess has therefore launched ‘Tunza Mama’: a discounted service that empowers women to access care throughout their pregnancy journey.Read more
27 February 2023 Press release

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