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Change the life of a Kenyan family today

The digital revolution makes it possible to reach people directly. PharmAccess has initiated the HealthConnect Foundation and launched an innovative platform that allows peer-to-peer funding, with the aim of supporting access to basic healthcare. This pilot connects people in the Netherlands with 2000 families in Nairobi. Join the campaign!

Latest news and facts

Onno Schellekens participates in Blockchain Solutions forum: Why use blockchain in healthcare?

From October 3-5, the Blockchain Solutions Forum took place in Barcelona. At this global event, industry leaders spoke about the blockchain revolution and the influence it has on private and public sectors, among others representatives from MIT, The World Bank and the Financial Times. With the focus on practical solutions and case studies, at the Forum the most successful customer implementations of blockchain services were discussed. Read more

Oct 13, 2017 news
PharmAccess organized workshop on digital disruption for social equity at Nigeria’s Healthcare Digital Conference

If healthcare stakeholders understood the opportunities of the mobile phone, patients would be more empowered to disrupt the cycle of poverty as well as gain access to quality health. This was the main message declared by Clare Omatseye, President of the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria (HFN), at the digital-themed HFN conference co-organized with QuintilesIMS and PharmAccess. Read more

Oct 20, 2017 in-the-media
Access to loans for pharmacies

World Pharmacists Day highlights the important role of pharmacists in healthcare systems across the world. Two Nigerian pharmacists share their story. Read more

Sep 25, 2017 news
JLI debate on Data, Health and Care

Can ‘big data’ be used to create a better world? Moreover, is it ethical to choose privacy over quality when we decide not to use data for social innovation? Read more

Sep 12, 2017 video
M-TIBA wins gold at 2017 Loeries brand communications awards

During this year's Loeries Awards in Durban, South Africa, M-TIBA was awarded with a Loerie in the Shared Value category.
Read more

Aug 24, 2017 news

Our activities

Through our activities in provider services, quality standards, healthcare investments, health insurance, mHealth and health analytics, we aim to build trust throughout the African healthcare system.

Health investments
Health investments

Mobilizing capital into the private health sector

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Quality standards
Quality standards

SafeCare basic healthcare standards

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Digital technology as an accelerator

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Health insurance
Health insurance

Developing organized demand for healthcare

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Health analytics
Health analytics

Learning, operational research & impact evaluation.

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Provider services
Provider services

It all starts with improving healthcare quality

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… See how we work

Setting in motion an upward spiral of trust, capital, quality and availability of health services. Through an integrated approach, we leverage donor contributions to increase trust in the health system, reduce risk and transaction costs, and pave the way for private investments in quality and accessibility of care.

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St. Patrick's Health Care Centre

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Health Centre, Maternity Home, Nursing Home

PharmAccess briefs

The PharmAccess briefs provide an overview, insights and background on several projects, or subject areas usually dealt with in long form researches conducted by PharmAccess and our partners. Visit our library for all briefs.

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The Joep Lange Institute

Joep Lange strongly opposed the pervasive inequality in healthcare. He dedicated his entire career to challenging this status quo through science, activism and pragmatism. The Joep Lange Institute continues his fight to making health markets work for the poor in countries where the system fails the people.

About the PharmAccess Group

The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to improving access to better healthcare in Africa. It mobilizes public and private resources for the benefit of doctors and patients through clinical standards and quality improvements, loans for healthcare providers, health insurance, mHealth innovations and operational research.

Health Insurance Fund, a fund for innovative and inclusive quality healthcare for Africa, supports the activities of the PharmAccess Group. Medical Credit Fund facilitates loans and technical assistance for private healthcare SMEs. SafeCare benchmarks quality levels and helps healthcare providers to improve their services. This integrated approach was initiated and is implemented by the PharmAccess Foundation. Together, these organizations form the PharmAccess Group.