Poorer households bear the greatest burden of catastrophic health expenditures and low-quality healthcare. 


PharmAccess believes it can be done differently. 

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Towards inclusive health systems – letter for World Health Day 2021
This year’s World Health Day highlights the importance of ‘building a fairer, healthier world’. Strong and equitable health systems can be built when we embrace the power of technology.Read more
7 April 2021 Publication
A scalable, low-cost quality service for patients with diabetes and hypertension — partnership with Sanofi
PharmAccess and CarePay together with Sanofi joined forces to develop a pilot of a mobile technology enabled model for NCD Care in Kenya. The model and its first learnings are now publicized in a brochure.Read more
18 March 2021 Publication
How to support low-income households to save for health insurance? —Report Advanced Hindsight
Together with Prof. Dan Ariely’s Centre for Advanced Hindsight we tested innovative ways on making health insurance more accessible in Kenya. Find results and fascinating insights in their Health Team Report.Read more
17 March 2021 Publication