Poorer households bear the greatest burden of catastrophic health expenditures and low-quality healthcare. 


PharmAccess believes it can be done differently. 

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Kenyan Pharmaceutical receives inaugural COVID-19 loan to supply personal protective equipment
Ansell Pharmaceuticals Limited, a local wholesaler and distributor of medical, pharmaceutical and surgical products from Kiambu County is among the first recipients of the Covid-19 loan by the Medical Credit Fund (MCF).Read more
12 May 2020 Press release
WEBINAR Future-proofing healthcare delivery: the role of nurses and midwives
Join us on Tuesday, May 12, as we celebrate Nurses Week with a lively panel discussion on the role of nurses and midwives in healthcare delivery.Read more
7 May 2020 News
Webinar: Psychological effects of COVID-19 on healthcare workers
Join us on Wednesday, May 6 for a live webinar on the psychological effects of COVID-19 on healthcare workers. With expert speakers, Dr Edwin, Physician Clinical Psychologist, and Bioethicist and Mary Kittakah, Clinical Psychologist.Read more
1 May 2020 News