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Africa is at a crossroads


Mobile technology is disrupting every layer of society at an unprecedented pace. “The biggest social equalizer now in this part of the world, I believe is a cell phone,” explains Dr. Khama Rogo, Head of Health in Africa Initiative, IFC/World Bank Group in the documentary titled The Great Escape. The documentary was made for the Joep Lange Institute.


Our activities

Health investments
Health investments

Mobilizing capital into the private sector

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Quality standards
Quality standards

SafeCare basic healthcare standards

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Mobile health
Mobile health

The future of access to healthcare is mobile

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Health insurance
Health insurance

Developing organized demand for healthcare

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The M-TIBA dashboard

Access to healthcare is one of the biggest challenges in Kenya. Mobile health platform M-TIBA provides access to better healthcare for Kenyans by connecting people to clinics and healthcare funders through a mobile health wallet. M-TIBA enables people to receive funds, to save, and pay for medical treatment at clinics, directly trough their mobile phone.

Change the life of a Kenyan family today

The digital revolution makes it possible to reach people directly. PharmAccess has initiated the HealthConnect Foundation and launched an innovative platform that allows peer-to-peer funding, with the aim of supporting access to basic healthcare. This pilot connects people in the Netherlands with 2000 families in Nairobi. Join the campaign!

Latest news and facts

Technologies That Transform Healthcare and Empower People - PharmAccess' panel session at the European Development Days

At this year’s European Development Days PharmAccess hosted a panel session on technology and the power it has to improve healthcare for women. Every day around the world 830 women die from preventable pregnancy related causes and it is a common experience for women in developing countries to be excluded from quality healthcare. The panel discussion centered on how to harness the tremendous technological progress that is happening all around us for the benefit of those currently left out. Read more

Jun 12, 2018 news
PharmAccess Partners With Aid:Tech to Transform Antenatal Care in Tanzania Through Blockchain Technology

In a significant milestone for mobile technology and healthcare access, the first baby “born on the blockchain” is due to be delivered in Tanzania this week. The announcement comes after a trial-initiative called Chain of Trust (CoT) has been monitoring digitally guided pregnancies through blockchain technology. Both organizations have partnered with the Tanzanian healthcare system to trial the innovative project. Read more

Jun 04, 2018 news
Medical Credit Fund reaches its 2000th loan!

In their nine years of operation Medical Credit Fund has already enjoyed several milestones. From winning the G20 SME Finance Challenge Award in 2010 and being awarded the OPIC Impact Award for Access to Finance four years later to closing a new round of financing with some of the most reputable development finance institutions in 2017. Now we would like to highlight our most recent milestone: the disbursement of MCF’s 2000th loan which also marks MCF’s expansion to Uganda! Read more

May 30, 2018 news
PharmAccess at the European Development Days

This year, PharmAccess will host a panel at the European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels. Organised by the European Commission, EDD brings the development community together each year to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Read more

May 25, 2018 news
PharmAccess as a designing partner at the Health meets Tech Hackathon

PharmAccess was one of the designing partners of this year's Health Meets Tech: Infectious Disease Hackathon. The aim of this 3-day event was to bring health workers and technological developers together to find solutions regarding Surveillance, Notification and Response to infectious diseases. Read more

May 23, 2018 news

About the PharmAccess Group

The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to improving access to better healthcare in Africa. It mobilizes public and private resources for the benefit of doctors and patients through clinical standards and quality improvements, loans for healthcare providers, health insurance, mHealth innovations and operational research.

Health Insurance Fund, a fund for innovative and inclusive quality healthcare for Africa, supports the activities of the PharmAccess Group. Medical Credit Fund facilitates loans and technical assistance for private healthcare SMEs. SafeCare benchmarks quality levels and helps healthcare providers to improve their services. This integrated approach was initiated and is implemented by the PharmAccess Foundation. Together, these organizations form the PharmAccess Group.