To make inclusive health markets work and achieve universal health coverage one has to look at the whole system. Designing interventions to improve the way the system is financed as well as the quality of care that is delivered. Which is why...

Our activities on health financing aim to reduce catastrophic out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

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We co-develop low-cost insurance platforms to democratize healthcare in Africa

Insurance provides protection from financial shocks caused by out-of-pocket health costs. Through mobile health platforms individuals can save, receive and spend money for healthcare. These platforms provide millions of previously excluded people in Africa access to affordable, quality care.


We improve healthcare quality by introducing standards

Poor healthcare quality leads to 5 million deaths per year. SafeCare standards assess insights into clinical and business performance of healthcare providers and enables them to improve with a stepwise approach. SafeCare benchmarking also allows investors, insurers, patients and donors to make informed data driven decisions.


SafeCare provides tools and instruments that help healthcare providers to make improvements in the services they provide.

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With the data derived from tracking the care journey of pregnant women, we can bring mother mortality rates down.

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We develop Care Bundles and use data to improve healthcare outcomes

With Care Bundles, we digitally track patient care journeys. With the acquired data, we can provide actionable insights for healthcare providers and reward better performances. Care Bundles address fragmented funding and enables more effective healthcare interventions.


We provide loans & business support to help private healthcare businesses to meet Africa’s health demand

Although it delivers more than half of the healthcare services, the private healthcare sector in Africa is chronically underfunded. The Medical Credit Fund is dedicated to providing loans to small and medium healthcare enterprises in Africa, enabling them to improve quality of services and grow their businesses.

Medical Credit Fund (MCF) is the first and only fund dedicated to providing loans to small and medium-sized health enterprises in Africa.

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Evidence-based work is at the heart of everything we do, hence our investment in independent research to evaluate and improve our products and services.

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We conduct independent academic research

Sub-Saharan Africa needs more data on successful, cost-efficient healthcare solutions. Independent research and evaluation not only improves credibility but also enables us to translate learnings into existing programs and enhance the operations of PharmAccess, our partners and the wider health ecosystem.