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The Health Insurance Fund was established in 2006, when private companies, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and PharmAccess realized that much more needed to be done to provide the people in Africa with access to better healthcare. They formed a working group to discuss the possibilities, leading to the foundation of the Fund and the signing of a contract for EUR 100 million with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Health Insurance Fund contracted the PharmAccess Foundation as its implementer and AIGHD and AIID to conduct impact and operational research. The Health Insurance Fund introduced an alternative to the then-existing health development approach by strengthening private sector capacity to ensure improved access to quality care for low- and middle-income groups. The Investment Fund for Health in Africa (IFHA) acts as a complement to the Health Insurance Fund.

In October 2015 the Health Insurance Fund/PharmAccess Group received continued funding of Health Insurance Fund activities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2016 till 2022 to continue and further develop their work of designing, implementing, and researching market-based health financing and delivery innovations that work in the real world.

The objectives of the Health Insurance Fund are:

  • Develop private pre-payment mechanisms and risk pooling structures, and mobilize resources for organized demand
  • Strengthen, benchmark, and certify clinical and business performance of healthcare service suppliers
  • Improve efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency to better match demand and supply of healthcare transactions
  • Mobilize capital into the private health sector
  • Conduct research on the various implemented strategic interventions and advocate those that are successful

The Health Insurance Fund supports the activities of its main implementing partner, the PharmAccess Group. As part of its integrated approach, the PharmAccess Group has stimulated initiatives such as the Medical Credit Fund (access to healthcare financing), SafeCare (healthcare quality improvement) and the recently started digital health activities. The Health Insurance Fund contracts PharmAccess for the implementation of the programs. Together, these organizations form the PharmAccess Group. The PharmAccess Group has contributed enormously towards the realization of the objectives of the Health Insurance Fund.

Read more in the Health Insurance Fund Annual Account 2022 or in the Progress Report 2022.

Health Insurance Fund has been granted ANBI status by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.