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If the capabilities of the state are limited, the private sector is by default the main actor for the poor

Ever since Prof. Joep Lange founded PharmAccess in 2001, we have been building on his work on the front lines of HIV/AIDS treatment, our focus has broadened to making healthcare finance and delivery more effective and more inclusive. We pioneer innovations that explore new directions and provide real world solutions in order to reverse the vicious cycle that stifles progress. We have enabled private companies in sub-Saharan Africa to grow and deliver the necessary health related services, especially to people at the base of the pyramid. In the past 15 years years this led to additional offshoots:

Private investment fund (Investment Fund for Health in Africa), Medical Credit Fund (loans to healthcare providers), SafeCare (clinical standards and quality improvement), CarePay (health payment platform that manages medical and financial transactions) and in 2016 the Joep Lange Institute (focuses on evidence-based advocacy to drive the global health agenda) which all contribute to making inclusive health markets work in Africa.