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Atlas2018 interviews Onno Schellekens as part of the Frontrunners series

"Health, it only works when you look at people from an individual point of view, who they are, what they need independent of religion, sexual orientation, wealth or anything like that. It's just a person who is sick and needs health"

  • Feb 27, 2017

In the lead up to AIDS 2018, the 22nd International AIDS conference in Amsterdam on the 23-27 July, Atlas2018 is travelling the world giving a face and voice to those living with HIV and the leaders working in the field of HIV and AIDS.

In the series, Onno Schellekens, managing director PharmAccess and chairman Joep Lange Institute, shares the story of Joep Lange, PharmAccess and the Joep Lange Institute as one of the frontrunners of the HIV and AIDS movement to build a better future.