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Building healthcare quality in Tanzania

"Although people inside and outside Africa often complain things are going too slow, things can actually change quite fast when you have found the right kind of approach." Our colleague Ewout Irrgang, Technical Director Tanzania, published a LinkedIn blog on progress made in improving the quality of care in Tanzania using the SafeCare standards.

  • Ewout Irrgang
  • Nov 28, 2016

“During my three years here in Tanzania, I have seen considerable improvements in the quality of healthcare facilities in Tanzania. Healthcare quality is a difficult concept. In the end, it means your patients getting better because they visited a doctor or a hospital. In many hospitals in Tanzania, patients might actually leave the hospital in a worse state than when they arrived. This can be due to bad diagnosis, bad quality drugs, fake drugs, wrong kind of drugs, overtreatment and many other factors. In the process, people can get financially wrecked as well because they need to pay out of pocket.

So let’s say there is a lot of room for improvement. PharmAccess tries to do this by helping healthcare facilities to adhere to international standards for different processes in a healthcare facility. This reduces risks for patients.”

Read and share the full LinkedIn blog here.