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Change in the board of directors of PharmAccess and the management of the Health Insurance Fund

PharmAccess is pleased to announce the appointment of Pieter Walhof (1963) to the board of directors of PharmAccess as interim director alongside Jan Willem Marees.

  • May 10, 2012

He will also be responsible for the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) on a temporary basis from 1 June 2012. At PharmAccess he will assume the responsibilities of Chris van der Vorm, who has decided to leave the organization on 1 July after almost ten years.

Chris van der Vorm has played an important part in the tremendous growth and development of PharmAccess over the past decade.
Under his leadership, the Health Insurance Fund has established public-private partnerships in five countries in Africa, providing access to good medical care for more than100,000 people. The board and the supervisory board are very grateful for all the contributions Chris van der Vorm has made in helping to mold PharmAccess into an innovative development organization. The process of selecting his successor will be continued in the next few months.

Pieter Walhof and the current PharmAccess director, Jan Willem Marees, will be the board of directors of PharmAccess until the end of 2012. Pieter Walhof has been associated with PharmAccess through his close involvement in the establishment of HIF and the Investment Fund for Health in Africa (IFHA). He has a professional background in the insurance and reinsurance market, mainly in Europe, South Africa and South America. Since 2005 he has been CEO of Riverside and in this capacity was responsible for the development of partnerships with insurance companies, particularly in South America. On 1 January 2012 he joined the Riverside Board.Pieter Walhof holds a medical degree.

PharmAccess is a Dutch not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health in Africa through pioneering innovative approaches. PharmAccess works closely with public and private financiers for the benefit of doctors and patients through insurance (Health Insurance Fund), loans to doctors (Medical Credit Fund), clinical standards (SafeCare), private investments (Investment Fund for Health in Africa) and operational research (Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development). Together, this group of organizations serves the purpose of making good health care accessible to everyone in Africa.
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