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Digital COVID-19 home monitoring and support service now also available in Nigeria

After a successful launch in Ghana, also Nigerians are now able to receive remote COVID-19 support via their mobile phone. The service screens for COVID symptoms and connects users to medical professionals for advice on how to manage their care.

  • Jun 05, 2020

In Nigeria, PharmAccess and developer Luscii work with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Ebute-Metta in Lagos. The service enables users to monitor their own condition. Those that fall within the high-risk category are connected to trained medical responders at FMC Ebute-Metta. The digital service can detect suspected cases in an early stage and those with mild symptoms can, with remote support, stay at home. In that way hospitals save healthcare capacity for high-risk patients and patients with other, more acute illnesses.

The Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Jan van Weijen joined the launch event as well as Prof Akin Abayomi, The Commissioner of Health Lagos State. Mr. van Weijen stated that the digital service will help the Nigerian government in the fight against COVID-19, a goal that the Dutch government will continue to support. During his speech, Prof Abayomi said to look forward to reviewing the benefits with a consideration of integrating them into the State’s response system.

The digital COVID-19 service is now also launched in Nigeria.