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Dutch fundraising event AmsterdamDiner raises 730,000 Euro for Medical Credit Fund

More than 1100 guests from the Dutch business society were present at the 19th edition of this event.

  • Jun 23, 2011

Each year the Dutch foundation De Grote Onderneming (the Big Enterprise) organizes one of the largest fundraising events in the Netherlands to contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS, in collaboration with the DutchAidsFonds. The Medical Credit Fund had the honor to be the beneficiary of this year’s gala. An incredible amount of 740,000 euro ($1,050,000) was raised by representatives of the Dutch business society, politicians, celebrities and other guests.

Over 1100 guests were present at the 19th edition of the event themed  A new way of thinking, a different approach. The organizers believe that this theme reflects the Medical Credit Fund’s approach. Medical Credit Fund aims to strengthening the private healthcare sector by providing access to affordable loans in combination with a quality improvement program to improve access to basic health care in Africa for low-income groups.  This new financing approach helps to structurally change the healthcare situation of clinics. It helps to raise the standard of care making it easier to effectively detect and fight disease such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and TBC.

The Medical Credit Fund will use the funding to expand its current program, bringing the Medical Credit Fund closer to its goal of providing loans to over 2000 clinics in 7 different countries, granting a total of 8 million patients with access to better and safer health care.

Click here to read the press release on the event (in Dutch)