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The Guardian: The mobile e-wallets bringing healthcare to Kenya's uninsured

“We thought: what if we could have a closed loop e-wallet where people could save for healthcare and also share healthcare funding,” says Nicole Spieker on the beginnings of M-TIBA.

  • May 19, 2017
‘I would say the biggest impact of us has been on children under five and pregnant women.’ Photograph: Alamy

Millions of Kenyans have mobile phones but many struggle to access healthcare. On Friday 19th May, The Guardian published an article on how M-TIBA is helping to address this gap.

Currently more than 750,000 Kenyans are registered M-Tiba users. About 6,000 more are signing up each day. The service targets all Kenyans without health insurance, initially focusing on the poor, who struggle to access healthcare in Kenya. These people often find themselves in a hopeless position, as they can’t afford private health insurance, and free clinics often provide inadequate services or are overcrowded.

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