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Introducing health insurance to coffee farmers in Tanzania

In 2011 the Health Insurance Fund, PharmAccess and their local partner MicroEnsure introduced a health insurance program in Tanzania for the coffee farmers and their families of the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperation Union (KNCU).

  • Jan 01, 2012

KNCU is Africa’s oldest cooperative and represents over 150,000 small scale coffee farmers organized in 92 Primary Societies. The KNCU Health Plan, as the program is called started for five Primary Societies, targeting 25,000 people. The Health Plan offers affordable quality health care to the members and their dependents, tailored to the needs of the community. After successful implementation of the program for these first five societies, the KNCU Health Plan will be expanded to include more interested primary societies. The film provides a good image of the farmers, their health challenges and the benefits of the healthcare program.