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The Joep Lange Institute combines science, activism, and pragmatism to make health markets work for the poor in countries where the system fails the people. For its inaugural event in Amsterdam on March 15th, the Institute has convened 400 frontrunners from business, politics, civil society and global health research.

Speakers include Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Dr. Mark Dybul, who will present on the importance of translating innovative ideas and science into reality, and world-renowned behavioral economist Prof. Dan Ariely. Ariely will investigate the decision-making mechanisms around health savings and expenses at the Bottom of the Pyramid, using technological innovations such as the mobile health wallet rolled out in Kenya. These investigations will offer a strong foundation to advocate evidence-based policy change in the field of global health

Watch the livestream on 15 March 2016, 13:30 – 15:30 (GMT +1)

The Joep Lange Institute is an activist institute, inspired by the life and work of Joep Lange who, along with his partner Jacqueline van Tongeren, lost his life in the MH17 tragedy over Ukraine. It strives to present concrete solutions for healthcare quality, delivery and finance. It works with partners to develop and test these on the ground. And it advocates to scale those that have real impact for real people. The focus will be on technology to connect those who are structurally excluded.

From the start, the Joep Lange Institute has received support from various corporate, public and individual parties including Gilead Sciences, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Heineken International, former US President Bill Clinton, and several private individuals. As president of the IAS, Joep was an early and powerful advocate of involving the private sector and bringing pharmaceutical companies to the table to get HIV treatment available in the developing world. Gilead was among the first to provide HIV/AIDS medication at price levels affordable in Africa, and the first to make drugs available for HIV prevention. The Joep Lange Institute will continue to engage leading organizations and individuals from all relevant backgrounds to carry out its groundbreaking work.

Keeping the patient at the heart of its approach, the Joep Lange Institute works with researchers and public and private partners who can make a difference in global health. It closely collaborates with two organizations founded by Joep Lange: PharmAccess and AIGHD. The new Institute focuses on shaping a global health and development agenda, testing promising solutions in practice with these and other partners, and actively advocating for policy change based on the evidence of what works and what doesn’t.
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