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Medical Credit Fund disburses its 2000th loan

In their nine years of operation Medical Credit Fund has already enjoyed several milestones. From winning the G20 SME Finance Challenge Award in 2010 and being awarded the OPIC Impact Award for Access to Finance four years later to closing a new round of financing with some of the most reputable development finance institutions in 2017. Now we would like to highlight our most recent milestone; the disbursement of MCF’s 2000th loan which also marks MCF’s expansion to Uganda.

  • May 30, 2018

Human Diagnostics Uganda Limited (Human Uganda) received this historic loan of USD 920,000, financed by both MCF and GroFin Uganda in March 2018. Human Uganda is a supplier of medical equipment and consumables, specialized in laboratory equipment. The company is located in Kampala and was founded by its current owner and CEO, Mr. Zakayo Watanda in 2000. Under his leadership, Human Uganda has gradually transformed from a small medical equipment supplier to one of the country’s leading suppliers of medical equipment, reagents, and consumables. It supplies equipment from major international manufacturers, including Human Germany, Snibe, Agappe and Diestro to both public and private healthcare facilities. Human Uganda is market leader for hematology and chemistry, and also active in diagnostic equipment for HIV/AIDS.

Recent developments in Uganda will create further opportunities to grow for Human Uganda. The World Health Organization has set an ambitious target for 2020: its 90:90:90 goal (diagnose 90% of people with HIV, have 90% of diagnosed clients on anti-retroviral treatment, and 90% of clients on treatment have viral suppression). To step up its efforts to reach these targets, the Ugandan government, in collaboration with international development partners, has decided to increase the availability of laboratories in healthcare facilities from 50% to 80% by 2021. Human Uganda already has a vast network of healthcare facilities in nearly all counties, where it has placed laboratory equipment under programs supported by international development partners. The company hopes to further expand this network and make an important contribution to the 90-90-90 goal.

Human Uganda will use the MCF loan to invest in laboratory equipment for placement at various hospitals throughout the country. The loan also provides working capital to purchase test kits, reagents and consumables that are needed by Human’s clients to operate the equipment.

In short, Human Uganda was a perfect candidate for our 2000th loan. Throughout the years, Human Uganda has proven to be a reliable business partner, focused on customer satisfaction and conscious of its community and their needs. Human Uganda is committed to quality and is working towards ISO certification. The loan will support Human Uganda in its efforts to grow and serve the community with high quality laboratory services. We are proud to be a part of this transaction and wish Human Uganda all the best in their future endeavors.