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MyCare in Ghana: Engaging clients for improvement of quality in health services

This brief discusses, from the clients’ perspective, the factors that influence their experience with healthcare and health insurance services.

Many factors influence the experiences of clients with healthcare and health insurance services. These include socio-cultural values, relationships and interactions people have in their communities, and the nature of their interactions with the healthcare providers and health insurers. Clients’ perceptions of the quality of services is predominantly shaped by inter-relational factors such as the way health staff treats them, communicates with them, or the level of empathy they are shown. On the other hand, quality factors of a technical nature, such as providers’ correct use of treatment protocols are found to affect clients’ perceptions hardly or only to a limited extent.

MyCare is an intervention tool to engage all stakeholders (clients, healthcare providers, health insurers) in monitoring healthcare and health insurance services.

This research describes steps that have been taken to engage clients in healthcare and to increase the responsiveness of healthcare providers and health insurance officers so that they can offer more client-centered quality services.

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