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New COVID-19 monitor service manages flow of care and enables remote advice

Last weekend, the health minister of Ghana presented the digital CovidConnect, a service developed by Luscii and set up by CarePay, the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC), and the OLVG Hospital in The Netherlands.

  • Apr 28, 2020

CovidConnect is a new virtual monitoring app with a back-end care coordination center that gives subscribers access to needed clinical support from a team of medical experts, and provides users access to credible sources of information on Covid-19.

Due to fragile health systems, Africa is at risk to be hit hardest by the Covid-19 outbreak. The free app and service is helping reduce the pressure on Coronavirus testing and treatment facilities by providing remote support. It enables people, no matter their location and income level, to get greater peace of mind without having to make unnecessary visits to healthcare facilities.

The app collects data on potential outbreaks and allows informed decision making on which interventions to prioritize. As many countries struggle with growing national depts, these insights will become invaluable.
The UGMC-PharmAccess CovidConnect is available to all living in Greater Accra, and soon anyone living in Ghana. A launch in Kenya is set to follow the successful roll-out in Ghana.

The service has been made available thanks to donors such as the Achmea Foundation.

The launch has been picked up by numerous media in Ghana:


TV item:


University of Ghana Medical Center, PharmAccess launch Covid-19 care coordination app

University of Ghana Medical Centre launches Covid-19 app


UGMC, PharmAccess Foundation launch CovidConnect app


UGMC, PharmAccess Foundation launch CovidConnect app

On Facebook, the live-stream of the press launch in Ghana is available for replay.


In the media in The Netherlands

The news has been covered by De Volkskrant, with an interview with Monique Dolfing-Vogelenzang (CEO PharmAccess) and Kees van Lede (CEO CarePay).

Nederlandse organisatie achter corona-app OLVG maakt app die Kenia en Ghana moet beschermen