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NextBillion publishes blog on Medical Credit Fund and M-TIBA

NextBillion, which chronicles new trends in market solutions to poverty, published a blog by Prashant Yadav titled 'Two-Sided Mobile Platform Creates Network Effect to Help Patients, Health Clinics.'

  • May 04, 2017

Prashant Yadav is a leading expert on pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains in developing countries. His research explores the functioning of healthcare supply chains using a combination of empirical, analytical and qualitative approaches. He serves as an adviser in the area of pharmaceutical supply chains to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, World Health Organization, UK Department for International Development, and many other global health organizations. He is the author of many scientific publications and his work has been featured in prominent print and broadcast media including The Economist, The Financial Times, Nature and BBC.

In this NextBillion blog, Yadav sketches the challenges facing the private health sector in sub-Saharan Africa and how both Medical Credit Fund and M-TIBA are working to address these issues.

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