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Onno Schellekens member of panel at Economist conference Healthcare in Africa

The conference brought several parties together to combine forces and ensure resources are used in the best possible way.

  • Mar 30, 2012

Onno Schellekens was present at a two day Economist conference in Cape Town on 6 and 7 March. As Managing Director of the Investment Fund for Health in Africa, he was asked to participate in a panel at the conference “Healthcare in Africa: Future approaches to funding, partnerships and access.”The topic discussed during the panel was “what is the right balance of private and public healthcare for Africa?” The conference brought together 180 delegates, three Ministers of Health, and twenty-three speakers among whom influential healthcare providers from government, providers, and patient groups to explore the key issues around healthcare systems in the continent.

The event was organized by Economist Conferences, the conference arm of The Economist newspaper. The conference focused on two burning issues in healthcare across Africa: the role of the private sector in healthcare and the challenges regarding the rapid spread of chronic diseases across the continent, which could overtake communicable diseases as the most common cause of death in Africa by 2030. By then, more people are likely to have diabetes than currently have HIV.

With the future of healthcare as one of the most pressing global issues of our time, continued dialogue and collaboration is necessary to come to good healthcare solutions which will improve patient care and keep healthcare costs under control. The situation in Africa is changing; governments now acknowledge their help is necessary and are willing to start universal health schemes and new private sector players see opportunities to invest in Africa. The conference is part of a wider series of healthcare events taking place this month around the globe.

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