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Opening renovated military Hospital in Pemba Tanzania

On Thursday March 3, 2011, the President of Zanzibar Hon. Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein inaugurated the Pemba military Hospital in Tanzania. The facility was fully renovated with support of the PharmAccess Foundation, TPDF head quarters, PEPFAR and the US Embassy in Tanzania.

  • Mar 21, 2011

The renovation involved converting two existing residential houses into one health facility that now provides a full range of medical services. The hospital provides expanded HIV/Aids services to the TPDF officers, their families and the surrounding local communities. It will also be used for the provision of Anti- Retroviral Drugs, HIV/Aids counseling and testing, and as a facility to prevent HIV/Aids infection from mother to-child. It includes laboratory amenities, reproductive and child health services and a female labour wards.

The official opening ceremony was attended by various high profile dignitaries.

Besides the President of Zanzibar, US Ambassador to Tanzania Mr. Alfonso Lenhardt and Minister of Defence and National Service Dr. Hussein Mwinyi attended the celebration.

The TPDF head quarters was presented by the Chief of Medical Services Major General Yodon Kohi. Program Director Mr. Geert Haverkamp from PharmAccess Tanzania and Juliet Rwezaura, Senior Project Manager for TPDF were also present.

Through the PEPFAR program the US Department of Defense has been assisting the TPDF in the fight against HIV/Aids by supporting military hospitals and health centers in Tanzania since 2005. Dutch NGO, PharmAccess Foundation supports the program with counseling and testing, treatment, laboratory strengthening and facility renovation.