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PharmAccess, CarePay, showcase the role of Digital Technology in enabling UHC

USAID Digital Financial Service team visits Subol Hospital Lagos to view how CarePay digital and mobile platform enables Health Insurance Administration.

  • Aug 21, 2019

As countries and states continue to strive towards attaining Universal Healthcare Coverage, (UHC) technology has been identified as a key component that would not only accelerate the process but also ensure a more effective and efficient system of operation for various financing mechanisms. More importantly, it is generally agreed that any technology adopted must be as lean as possible and reduce the cost of administration, thereby making more funds available for care.

The PharmAccess Foundation, in partnership with CarePay Nigeria Limited, has adopted digital technology, particularly mobile, in facilitating support to various states in implementing their health insurance schemes and, also identifying the underprivileged. This platform currently supports the Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA) and facilitates the seamless implementation of the Lagos State Mandatory Health Scheme.  This exchange platform connects scheme stakeholders administratively and financially while also improving transparency, operational efficiency, and decision-making. As of today, the CarePay platform has enabled the enrolment of over 200,000 enrollees by LASHMA with a target to enroll over 1 million by December 2019.

As part of advocacy efforts, the USAID Digital Financial Service team visited Subol hospital on 16th of August 2019, to view a demonstration of the CarePay platform presented by LASHMA at Subol Hospital, one of the pilot hospitals for the Lagos State Health Scheme.  During the visit, Ms. Amani M’Bale, who led the USAID team, stated that “health stakeholders should consider adopting the digital platform for efficient and transparency.” Also, according to Ms. Njide Ndili, the Country Director, PharmAccess Foundation, “digital and mobile technology remains a game-changer and provides a pathway to accelerate access to UHC. The priority remains with the government to adopt existing, tried and tested innovations to achieve UHC; PharmAccess Foundation simply remains the enabler.”

PharmAccess Foundation is also supporting the Adamawa State Ministry of Health in establishing a social-register through its Multi-Method Household Poverty Screening Tool. The tool was designed to support the implementation of the state health insurance scheme and the roll-out of the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund at both National and State level (State Health Equity Fund)—to equitably provide health services to the poorest households.

PharmAccess Foundation is a Dutch-based entrepreneurial organization focused on making health markets work through digital innovations.

L – R – Dr Bello (MD Subol Hospital ), Njide Ndili (Country Director PharmAccess Nigeria), Amani M’Bale Shronts (USAID), Ankunda Kariisa (USAID) Sylvester Akande (USAID) during the USAID Digital Financial Service team visit to the hospital.