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PharmAccess Group and the Joep Lange Institute win the Value-Based Healthcare Dragon Endorsement!

PharmAccess Group and the Joep Lange Institute were awarded the Dragon's Endorsement for our M-TIBA platform and the insights it has given into the value of care in Africa.

  • May 14, 2018

The Value-Based Dragon’s Grant & Endorsement 2018 was developed to bring together highly experienced early adopters of the Value-Based Health Care concept and pioneering initiatives. Marleen Hendriks and Mark van der Graaf presented our initiative on the use of M-TIBA in front of the Dragon’s den, which consists of a razor-sharp selection of experts in the field. During this presentation, our delegation had the opportunity to present how far we’ve come to big players in the healthcare market and to receive invaluable feedback on how we can grow in the future.

Initially, our initiative was nominated in the Dragon’s Grant category along with Cardiologie Centra Nederland, Isala Klinieken, and the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The Dragon Grant was awarded to the Netherlands Cancer Institute with their Saving Women with Premalignant Breast Disease project. But our pitch made such an impact on the VBHC dragons and all participants that we were awarded the Value Based Healthcare Endorsement Grant! We would like to thank the VBHC for this endorsement as it not only reaffirms our status as a real game changer in patient value creation, but also presents us with new opportunities to expand our efforts.

We are currently focused on building on the opportunities the M-TIBA platform offers by developing value-based healthcare services. These healthcare services aim to increase insight in and improvement of patient value in a setting where currently hardly any health data exist. Being at the forefront of the utilization of this exciting new development, we are working hard to expand our efforts. The scale up of M-TIBA offers an unprecedented opportunity to measure, monitor and improve the value of patient care in sub-Saharan Africa at very low costs. Winning this award brings us one step closer to reaching our goal.

(pictured in the middle) Marleen Hendriks Director of Innovation at the Joep Lange Institute and Medical Director at PharmAccess Foundation,

(pictured right) Mark van de Graaf Director Digital Health for PharmAccess


Watch the after movie below and read more about the other nominees here.