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PharmAccess will be providing technical assistance to Tanzania’s Social Security Regulatory Authority (SSRA), with the aim of helping to increase access to community health insurance in the country. This was agreed in a memorandum of understanding signed in Dar es Salaam in January 2016.

The SSRA approached PharmAccess based on our health insurance track record, including the successful launch of the improved Community Health Fund (iCHF) in Northern Tanzania as well as consultancy work on reforming Tanzania’s Social Health Insurance Benefit (SHIB), established as a benefit under the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

The SSRA supervises and regulates the social security sector in Tanzania, including pensions and health insurance schemes, and fund managers, custodians and administrators. It is currently implementing a five-year strategy to extend social security coverage and to ensure that the majority of the 22 million strong workforce in the informal sector has health coverage. This strategy includes a redesign and extension of the scope of the Community Health Fund (CHF) and the establishment of a health scheme for the elderly. Another focus area is exploring technology-enhanced methods for collecting contributions from beneficiaries, for example with mobile money systems. On the demand side, the SSRA is planning to assess capacity and willingness for an auto-enrollment system for micro-social insurance schemes, such as for members of cooperative societies.

PharmAccess can contribute expertise on different aspects of the SSRA’s strategy. In Tanzania, this includes experience gained from the implementation of the KNCU health plan, which was a micro-insurance scheme for coffee farmers who were members of cooperative societies, and the current roll-out of the improved Community Health Fund (iCHF). PharmAccess also has experience with implementing a state-based health insurance scheme in Kwara State, Nigeria. In Kenya, PharmAccess has extensive experience in testing and applying mobile technology in the realm of health.

This partnership with the SSRA will strengthen PharmAccess’ activities in Tanzania and aligns with our overarching goal of improving access to and quality of healthcare for people who are as yet excluded from these services.