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The symposium Research in Action: From AIDS to Global Health to Impact on 14 October 2014 recognized Joep Lange’s scientific legacy. A report capturing the highlights of the symposium is available now.

The scientific symposium traced Joep Lange’s career, starting in the early eighties with the treatment of the first AIDS patients and the design of antiretroviral therapy, moving towards the emerging field of global health and ending with his most recent focus: using knowledge derived from scientific research to improve access to quality healthcare in real-world settings.

From Prof. Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV, to Prof. Michael Merson, who founded Duke University’s Global Health Institute, the list of presenters reads like a who’s who of people involved at key moments in the history of HIV and global health. ‘And Joep,’ as Barre-Sinoussi said, ‘contributed to all eras of HIV.’

To read the symposium report, please click here.