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SafeCare the Catalyst for Quality of Care Improvement at Clinics in Ghana and Kenya

Last week two milestones were reached in quality of care services at health facilities in Ghana and Kenya. The clinics are part of SafeCare - the PharmAccess standards based approach for measuring, improving and recognizing the quality of healthcare services in resource restricted settings.

  • Nov 05, 2018

In Kenya, Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital in Nairobi, was awarded the highest SafeCare standard. The hospital aims at improving the health of mothers, children and adolescents living in the informal settlements of Nairobi’s’ North-East. The award was presented by the PharmAccess SafeCare team to the facility CEO Gabriele Beacco on behalf of the facility (above). During the event the management expressed their gratitude for the efforts in achieving a Level 5 certification and agreed the challenge ahead was to maintain the level of care for their patients.  The Head of Standards and Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Health congratulated the facility for the achievement and asked of them to become a benchmarking facility that other government and private hospitals can emulate.

Meanwhile the management and staff at two of the Sanford World Clinics in Ghana (above) were presented with SafeCare level 4 certificates earlier at a ceremony in one of the improved quality clinics. The story of Sanford is unique due to the speed it has moved from level two to level four. In just two years, staff from the management down have shown a drive and commitment to embed SafeCare practices at both facilities. The President of Sanford World Clinics, Dr. Kojo Taylor, recounted their journey with SafeCare and the immense improvements the clinics have witnessed since being part of the program. He encouraged healthcare facilities to subscribe to the SafeCare standards. In his endorsement of SafeCare, Dr. Taylor said, “I am proud to know that we apply standards that help us to drive a certain predictable outcome. Sanford set on a path to change how healthcare is delivered in Ghana, and I am proud to see that it is happening.” He promised that Sanford World Clinics will always champion quality healthcare delivery in Ghana. The program also marked the signing of a new agreement and the addition of three more Sanford clinics bringing the total to 5 in the SafeCare program for the coming year.

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