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SafeCare Uganda

In January 2016, SafeCare launched its operations in Uganda with a two-day working session with its partners. SafeCare works with PACE, the local affiliate of PSI, and the Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF) and aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable, holistic franchise model for PACE’s ProFam network. A total of 47 facilities in PACE’s ProFam network will have enrolled in SafeCare by September and receive regular support  from PACE. UHF will be trained to execute the SafeCare assessments as a first step towards developing into a national quality institute.

The activities in Uganda are part of SafeCare’s partnership with Population Services International (PSI) on the USAID-funded program ‘Support for International Family Planning Organizations (SIFPO) 2:Sustainable Networks’. This aims to strengthen organizational capacity to deliver high-quality family planning and other health services to target groups, and to increase sustainability of country-level family planning  and other health programs.

PACE is transforming its currently subsidy-reliant social franchise structure into a (more) sustainable model. The model requires cost reduction and revenue increase, as well as broadening the focus in service delivery to cover more than just maternal and child care. The development of this model is tested in eight facilities this year and includes clinical management services and business advisory services. Meanwhile PACE and SafeCare work closely on the rollout of  an efficient, effective way to integrate the facility-wide SafeCare methodology with PACE’s specialized quality support, and  to explore innovations to reduce the costs of assessments.