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The Financial & Health Diaries

This project documents how 240 low-income families in rural Nigeria and Kenya manage money & health issues.


The Financial & Health Diaries project is unique in its kind:
– It’s the first study to combine Financial Diaries with detailed Health Diaries. It includes in-depth analysis of symptoms, effect on daily activities, health visits, health provider choice, services received, and finally out of pocket health expenditure, including travel costs to the facility.
– Half of the sampled households had health insurance, enabling analysis into decisions on health insurance enrolment
– Same data collection method in Nigeria and Kenya, allowing for cross-country comparison
– The Diaries unravel novel linkages between agriculture and health
– And… this is the first Diaries project in Nigeria

Overview of the project        Enrolment decisions             Re-enrolment decisions        Meeting health needs
Financial-Health-Diary-Overview              Financial-Health-Diary-Insurance                            

So far, the principal investigators on this project (Wendy Janssens and Berber Kramer) have presented their work at multiple venues, including:
– International Microinsurance Conference in Dar Es Salaam (2012)
– Workshop on the Portfolios of the Atlanta Poor (CEAR) at State University Georgia (2013)
– University of Munich seminar (2015)
– University of Passau seminar (2015)
– International Microinsurance Conference in Casablanca (2015)
– CSAE Conference at Oxford University (2015)

In June 2017, Berber Kramer published a blog on how Kenyan dairy farmers manage thier money.

Stay tuned for updates, blogs and fact sheets with insights!

This Diaries project was conducted by the Amsterdam Institute for International Development and PharmAccess with the support of VU University, Tinbergen, IFPRI and A4NH.

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