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Report on the in-clinic research of the AIGHD within participating clinics in the Health Insurance Fund project in Nigeria from 2007 till 2011

This paper provides an updated analysis of the enrollment and health care utilization data from Hygeia
Community Health Care (HCHC).

The previous interim analysis used data until September 2010. This analysis includes data from the end of 2007 up to 31 December 2011. The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health & Development (AIGHD) is contracted by the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) to conduct independent operational research within the HIF program. The main objectives of the research of the AIGHD are to quantify and qualify the impact of the HIF program intervention. Focus of the research is on the quality of the health care provided by the participating clinics and the benefits of the HIF program on the health of the participating populations. A secondary objective is to provide the HIF with independent feedback and recommendations on how to improve the HIF project with respect to both medical and organizational aspects. To this end AIGHD will produce yearly reports with recommendations.


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