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Thoughts on UHC: Amplifying Healthcare Financing and Quality

At an event organised in Nairobi by PharmAccess Foundation and Strathmore Business School on July 20th, healthcare professionals, business and finance leaders came together to engage in a lively informal discussion and share perspectives on the opportunities and challenges on the road to Universal Health Coverage.

  • Aug 02, 2018

Dr Jackie Kitulu, President Kenya Medical Association & Director at Kenya Healthcare Federation: “When we talk of UHC it’s important to focus on those who need it most and work upwards. However let us get this very clear, it is not free. We need to understand the context –  care costs and someone must pay for it. For instance, the inevitable manufacturing costs of drugs, equipment and all the requisite infrastructure required to make a good health system work. We therefore need to develop a basic package that that enables ALL Kenyans to access quality care.”

Andrew Muriithi, Finance Expert and Former Head of SME Banking, Sidian Bank: “When it comes to healthcare, bankers do not understand what it takes to finance an MRI machine or a CT Scan. This gap caused doctors to take desperate measures such as setting up conventional businesses that will attract financing from the banks with the intent to direct funding to the healthcare facilities they needed to finance. Today, Medical Credit Fund, plays a key role in building the capacity of the banking sector in East and Western Africa with the skill-sets required to finance healthcare investments while keeping quality at the forefront.”

Kennedy Okong’o (centre), East Africa Director, Medical Credit Fund: “The best performing loans in the healthcare industry in East Africa are those issued to healthcare providers who are in partnership with PharmAccess and Medical Credit Fund. Technical Assistance to healthcare entrepreneurs ensures that the investments achieve quality improvement and business performance.”

Faith Muigai, Regional Director, SafeCare: The focus on quality and affordable healthcare must start with strengthening the system from family run clinics up. These are often the first point of contact for many accessing healthcarePharmAccess and Medical Credit Fund will continue to make significant investments in quality care and technical support to healthcare providers at every level.”

Rolando Satzke, CEO, Cosmos Limited: “Profitability of a hospital business should not be hinged on selling expensive drugs because patients will not come back. They will go to a cheaper hospital. Affordability for patients is key to build your patient base.”

Arnold Oyuru CEO Mofit: I’m an alumni of the Managing Healthcare Businesses course at the Strathmore Business School. The support offered by PharmAccess Foundation enabled me to access quality training to improve my business.”

Chaiwe Zulu, Health MBA student: “In 2017 I attended the course on Managing Healthcare Businesses which is supported by PharmAccess Foundation. After graduating from this course, it gave me an appetite to pursue the Health MBA course to advance my understanding of healthcare.”

Dr Sylvia Gendo (L) and Dr. Mercy Wanjala (R) – medical officers working with the county governments

Hosea Buliba (L), Performance and Capability Manager, Nairobi Womens Hospital and Dr Kenneth Obiero (R), CEO, OGRA Foundation