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The Health Insurance Fund and its implementing partner PharmAccess launched the Tanykina Community Healthcare Plan (TCHP) in Kenya for the members of the Tanykina Dairy Plant Ltd. Tanykina is a dairy plant and a relevant income earner for as many as 20,000 people in the area. The healthcare plan is offered to all the milk farmers and their families granting them access to affordable quality basic health care and protecting them from health-related risks.  The film provides a good image of the farmers, their work and the healthcare program.

The principle of risk pooling is used in this program to protect the population from health-related financial risks. Access to healthcare is improved by subsidizing a part of the insurance premium for the members of the Tanykina Dairy plant and their families. The quality of the healthcare provision is improved and assured by including local clinics and hospitals in a performance based upgrading program. The healthcare services are provided through a public-private partnership: resources and expertise of private sector partners, such as AAR and local public and private clinics and hospitals, are used to provide healthcare services for the previously uninsured members of Tanykina and their families.

The healthcare plan has been developed in close cooperation between Tanykina Dairy Plant Ltd., AAR and PharmAccess Foundation the implementing partner of the Health Insurance Fund. AAR is registered as a Medical Insurance Provider and contracted by PharmAccess.