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Dutch Postcode Lottery raises annual contribution for PharmAccess approach

During the annual Goed Geld Gala in Amsterdam's Carré theater, the Dutch Postcode Lottery raised the annual contribution for PharmAccess to 900,000 euro for the next five years. In total this year, the Postcode Lottery donated a record amount of 341 million to 110 organizations working to change the world.

  • Feb 07, 2017
Foto: Roy Beusker

PharmAccess has been a beneficiary for the past five years and is honored that it can count on the continued support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery for the five years ahead. The world is changing rapidly due to a great number of technological developments. This offers many opportunities for innovation, including for healthcare in Africa. PharmAccess believes that digital technology is going to radically change access to care in Africa. The support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery will provide PharmAccess with a chance to develop and test digital innovations such as the M‐TIBA mobile health wallet.

Onno Schellekens, managing director of PharmAccess: “To really be able to understand and seize these opportunities, the financing of new ideas that have not yet been tried and tested is of crucial importance. Our track record shows that we are able to create true innovation and make a real difference. The contribution of the Dutch Postcode Lottery that will extend over multiple years is therefore of inestimable value and goes way beyond its monetary worth.”

The Postcode Lottery is the world’s second-largest private charity donor. This year at the annual Goed Geld Gala it donated a record amount of 341 million euros to charity. An incredible amount made possible by all the members of the Postcode Lottery. Highlights of the evening included the keynote speeches from ecologist John D. Liu and former US President Bill Clinton. Click here to read the Dutch Postcode Lottery’s press release.