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M-TIBA at Cashless Africa Conference in Lagos

The conference, taking place in Lagos, Nigeria between 22 and 23 March 2017, is set to be the largest gathering of stakeholders in the digital financial services ecosystem serving the African continent.

  • Feb 09, 2017

Cees Hesp, Director of the MHealth Research lab, will share during his keynote speech how M-TIBA is leveraging mobile money to connect people to better healthcare.

M-TIBA is a platform for financial inclusion in healthcare. It not only empowers consumers, but also improves financial protection, supports better quality of care and generates local and international financing for health.

Developed by CarePay, Safaricom and PharmAccess, M-TIBA allows users to send, save and receive dedicated funds to access healthcare services using their mobile phones. It is a closed loop where these conditional funds can only be used for healthcare costs at selected providers.

Just over half a year since its launch in Kenya, over 250.000 people are registered on M-TIBA as users or dependents. More than 300 clinics accept M-TIBA and participate in the quality program connected to the wallet.

Learn more and register for Cashless Africa Expo here.