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PharmAccess Drives Dialogue on Equity and Preparedness in Emergency Care at HFN Healthcare Leadership Conference

PharmAccess played a key role at the Healthcare Leadership Conference 2024 in Nigeria, focusing on "Optimizing Emergency Care Delivery" with diverse healthcare professionals, industry leaders, and stakeholders.

  • Apr 19, 2024

On Wednesday, 17th of April 2024, PharmAccess played a central role at the Healthcare Leadership Conference 2024 organized by the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria. The conference brought together a diverse group of healthcare professionals, industry leaders, and high-level stakeholders to dialogue on the theme  “Optimizing Emergency Care Delivery: Unlocking the Healthcare Value Chain.”

PharmAccess, renowned for its commitment to advancing healthcare access and quality, played an integral role in shaping the discussions. The conference witnessed engaging sessions, informative presentations, and lively dialogues on key topics relating to emergency care, health insurance and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Among the notable attendees was the Special Adviser to the President on Health, Dr. Salma Anas; the National Coordinator of the Presidential Unlocking Healthcare-Value Chain Initiative, Dr. Abdu Mukhtar, Deputy Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Senator Dr. Samaila Kaila, Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi; President of the HFN, Dr. Pamela Ajayi; Vice President HFN and Country Director, Pharmaccess, Mrs. Njide Ndili among others.

In her welcome address, Dr. Pamela Ajayi, President of the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria emphasized the importance of innovative solutions in addressing emergency healthcare challenges. She stressed the critical importance of efficient emergency care systems in saving lives and enhancing overall healthcare outcome, charging participants to unite in advocating for comprehensive reforms that prioritize the development and implementation of robust emergency response protocols nationwide.

During her goodwill message, the Special Advisor to the President on health, Dr. Salma Anas, highlighted the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for investors in Nigeria’s healthcare sector. She said; “We do recognize that Nigeria is going through a very difficult time, but we are also up to the task to work hard to ensure that we reverse those challenges and create an enabling environment for investors to come and invest in Nigeria. This is why this present administration of President Bola Tinubu is setting up different mechanism even outside the health sector, including the Ministry of Trade and Industry to ensure ease of doing business in Nigeria.”

PharmAccess, a leading advocate for private sector involvement in healthcare delivery in Nigeria, contributed significantly to the conference through a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Njide Ndili, the Country Director of PharmAccess. The panel delved into topics of Equity, Preparedness, and Collaborative Resource Allocations in Crisis, aiming to address the current gaps in emergency care access and coverage. It featured esteemed panelists including Senator Dr. Samaila Kaila, Dr. Muyi Aina, Dr. Jimoh Olawale Salaudeen, and Dr. Abiola Fasina, who brought valuable insights and perspectives to the conversation.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Ndili emphasized the urgency of addressing the low financial coverage in emergency situations and highlighted the challenges faced by individuals without insurance during emergencies. She said: “We already have the issue of less than 10% having any financial coverage in terms of insurance or demand side finance. That puts us in a very precarious position.”

Panelists highlighted the ongoing challenge of emergency care: despite legal mandates, providers sometimes turn away patients due to high costs and overwhelming demand. Discussions addressed how to best utilize the National Health Agency’s designated 5% emergency fund. Health insurance was explored as a solution for uninsured patients facing financial burdens during emergencies. The importance of strengthening primary healthcare (PHC) and partnering with the private sector, especially in rural areas, was emphasized. This approach would involve staff training and equipping hospitals to ultimately enhance their capacity to handle emergencies effectively. Njide therefore, charged HFN to help advocate for the use of the 5% of the BHCPF towards payment for health emergencies especially for the uninsured and indigents.

One of the highlights of the HFN Healthcare Leadership Conference 2024 was undoubtedly the keynote speech delivered by Dr. Abdu Mukhtar, the National Coordinator of the Presidential Unlocking Healthcare-Value Chain Initiative. Dr. Mukhtar expounded on the intricacies of Emergency Care and its transformative potential within the healthcare value chain. His address underscored the critical importance of Emergency Care and ignited a sense of urgency and collective commitment among attendees to drive innovation and efficiency throughout the healthcare sector.

Also contributing to the discourse was the Lagos State Commissioner of Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, who elaborated on the conference’s broader implications, emphasizing its potential to facilitate in-depth discussions surrounding sustainable healthcare delivery across Africa. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of forging robust partnerships with the private sector to enhance healthcare provision.

The goal of this conference was to foster a collaborative approach towards improving equity, preparedness, and resource allocation in emergency care, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and responsive healthcare system in Nigeria.

PharmAccess is an international not-for-profit organization established in 2001 that operates in Africa, pioneering digital innovative approaches to strengthen the healthcare sector. Its goal is to improve access to quality healthcare, especially for low-income groups.